Little Hearts is looking for monthly sponsors!

Little Hearts is an orphanage in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) where we nurture and love 40 children until they are ready to begin their lives as independent young adults.

Our children go to school and take enrichment classes in taekwondo, swimming, drawing or dancing. They are involved in the daily chores around the house such as cooking, cleaning and gardening.

As members of a family, the children take care of each other and help with household tasks such as cooking, cleaning and gardening.

We are continuously looking for sponsors to guarantee the resources required to keep our children protected and care for.

Each donation, big or small, makes a difference to our children. All gifts are fully invested in the working and further development of the orphanage and raising of our children to be happy and productive adults.

Just like any family we need an income.

Please join our growing family of monthly sponsors!
We couldn’t survive without their generosity.

Why do we need monthly sponsors?

Unfortunately, we don’t yet have the financial stability we need to run the orphanage. Currently, the orphanage survives mainly from the one-time gifts we receive from donors and initiatives of schools and companies.

If we can motivate 500 sponsors to donate $10 each month, we can guarantee the future of our children.

Do you know anyone willing to forgo the equivalent of four cappuccinos a month to provide a safe and happy childhood for a wonderful family of children?


168/500 monthly sponsors

What does it cost to run an orphanage?

Supporting a family with 40 children costs a lot of money.

Below you will find some of our monthly costs.

These are of course examples and reference amounts. Every donation, large or small, makes a difference for our children. All donations go entirely to the operation and development of the orphanage and the care of our children. 

Curious about the sort of costs we have in our orphanage? See below!


  • Rice and water $10 per child per month
  • Noodles and vegetables $15 per child per month
  • Meat & eggs or fruit $20 per child per month


  • Hygiene and medicines $10 per child per month
  • Roof over their head $20 per child per month


  • Little Hearts School $30 per child per month
  • Mahasastra School $35 per child per month
  • Family in Sa’ang District $30 per child per month

Little Hearts is not only a house, but it’s also a home!


A home where children are raised until they are capable to independently start life as young adults. We want to support them, guide them and educate them into well-rounded, successful and responsible youngsters.

Our children go to school and take enrichment classes in taekwondo, swimming, drawing or dancing. They are involved in the daily chores around the house such as cooking, cleaning, and gardening.

As brothers and sisters, our children develop deep attachments and bonds and take care of each other. At Little Hearts we are a family.

It is always more fun to set concrete goals, which is why we have converted our daily operation expenses into sponsorship formulas. Would you like to help us provide a year’s worth of fruit for our children, or would you prefer to support education? There are many needs to choose from and we sincerely appreciate any support you can provide!


Cambodia is still one of the poorest countries in South East Asia. The economic growth it has experienced has not been evenly distributed. The gap between rich and poor continues to grow and a significant segment of the population lives in poverty. In Cambodia the lack of a social safety net leads to a lot of young parents abandoning their children to go look for a job in neighboring countries. Their children stay behind with no future except the same fate as their parents to look ahead to.

Little Hearts is there for these abandoned and forgotten children, interrupting the cycle of poverty and providing them with the means to lead productive lives.

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